Catimus Chiquita Margarita
Chocolate Burmese Girl (27b)

I was born on 26th February 1998 in Yarnton, Oxfordshire. I was bred by Mrs J Takacs, who took very good care of me and my brothers & sisters. My parents are Gr. Ch. Tanclogwyn Brown Taliesin ("Tigi Boy") and Catimus Karelia ("Lia").

I was the first girl to join the Hiller household in May 1998. I have been described as a good mother, affectionate, intelligent and lovable. I love relaxing in bed with my human Mum when I'm not playing with my daughter "Sunny" or my cheeky son "Coco" . Like all chocolate Burmese I am good looking - I am well built and weigh... - well, you don't expect a lady to tell you, do you?

I'm the Queen of the castle!...

I love stalking Popcorn!

What's that I see...?

I love daffodils.

This is me with my daughter (Sunny) and Pepsi.

I liked playing with Pepsi!

This fish tank is nice and warm!

After watching a bit of TV...

...I like a good cuddle with Popcorn!


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