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Chocolate Burmese Boy (27b)

I was born on 27th May 2003 in Sandford-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. I was bred (officially) by my human Dad (Daniel), although my human Mum (Carol) always took very good care of me and my brothers & sisters. My mother is "Chiqui" (Catimus Chiquita Margarita) and my father is "James" (Gr. Ch. Impromptu James).

I am very slim and athletic. I have so much energy, that the special fence that keeps the 'oldies' in is just a challenge for me! I can jump over six feet high and hang upside down, so Dad has just given up trying to keep me in the garden (He he he!). I love playing in the neighbourhood, chasing rabbits and the "oldies", hunting funny little furry things and getting into mischief!

As for girls, I once tried helping Sunny when she was acting really funny (rolling about telling everyone how pretty she was) but then I got taken to be 'fixed'. Since then I'm not really interested in pretty girls, unless its for a play-fight!

First time in the garden at 14 weeks old

Aha! I'll catch that thing...


Is it morning already?

Sunny and me

Hide-and-seek with Sunny
Time to relax a bit...

...Catch a quick cat nap

...and assume the foetal position...zzzzz


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