Last Litters
"Chiqui" - May 2003

Michelle Garrod's handsome veteran brown boy "James"
Gr. Ch. Impromptu James x Catimus Chiquita Margarita
The lovely "Chiqui"
Chiqui and James had their "affair" on 21-23 March 2003. The kittens were born 65 days later, in the morning of 27 May 2003. There are five Chocolate kittens from this mating, four boys and one girl.

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Chiqui's Pregnancy
Chiqui at 7 1/2 weeks... 8 weeks...
...and at 9 weeks.

27th May 2003
07:55 - 10:55
Chiqui giving birth to the kittens

28th May 2003
One day old

A kitten Being weighed


29th May 2003
Two days old

1st June 2003
Four days old

Chocolate boy trying to open his eyes

"Wake me up when they've gone..."

The watchful mother

Brotherly love!

6th June 2003
Nine days old

Eyes wide open...

...when not asleep!

'Rapid Growth' takes on a new meaning with kittens - their weight has doubled!

The only girl... bound to rule the house!

2-3 weeks old (9-17 June)

"Is it morning yet?"
(9 June)

Ewok or Cat...?
(12 June)

Definitely a Cat!

12 June

16 June

17 June

17 June

3 1/2 weeks old (22-23 June)

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