Pr. Faunese Filot Officer
Blue Burmese Boy (27a)

24 November 1994 - 28 July 2004

Now on the great mouse hunt in the sky...

I was born on 24th November 1994 in Lichfield, Staffordshire. I was bred by Mark McCall, who was very kind to me and my brothers & sisters. My parents were "Fred" (Ch. Papagena Ferdinand) and "Kipper" (Adversane Forest Faun).

I was the first Burmese to join the Hiller household, closely followed by Popcorn. I was often described as soppy, dopey, affectionate and lovable. I had an appetite similar to my human Dad, finishing off everyone else's leftovers! My spirit is obviously still very athletic and good looking - I am long and slim (like my human brother "Mike"), so I can take it all in my stride.

I was hit by a nasty car one afternoon late in July 2004. I didn't feel anything and I am now chasing other kitty spirits and mice in the great playing fields in the sky. See you there one day :-)

This is me in my Earthly form...

Handsome or what...?

Hey Beanie, this is no good for my "Hard Cat" image, you know...

This was me with Popcorn.
He's my nephew, so we argued sometimes.

This was me with Chiqui - she was like a sister to me.

We were good friends!

...Sigh...I suppose you think this is funny...


...now for a power nap...zzzzzz


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