Gr. Pr. Papagena Johnny Inkslinger
Red Burmese Boy (27d)

I was born on 6th December 1994 in Oxford, England. I was bred by Lady Yardley, who was very kind to me and my brothers. My parents are Gr. Ch. Kibitzer Kublahdan ("Danny") and Adversane Papagena Rose ("Rosie").

I joined the Hiller household soon after Pepsi in April 1995 and I am now 'Top Cat' in my house. Of course I make sure that the youngsters know their place, especially as Coco can get a bit cheeky! I have been described as a real character, affectionate, intelligent, talkative and lovable. Like my human Dad I love eating, especially when it's freshly cooked fish and rabbit. I am very athletic and good looking - I am well built, with muscles in all the right places (like my human brother "Tim"). I weigh 12lb/ 5.5Kg. which is about average for my size.


I'm the king of the castle!

Stalking Pepsi is hard work!

I love the outdoors life.
That's not food!

Relaxing with Sunny and Pepsi.

With my best friend Chiqui - she's lovely and warm!

This is the life!


...and relax......zzzzzzzzzz


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