Funicats Sunshine
Lilac Burmese Girl (27c)

I was born on 8th May 1999 in Sandford-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. I was bred (officially) by my human Dad (Daniel), although my human Mum (Carol) always took very good care of me and my brothers & sisters. My mother is "Chiqui" (Catimus Chiquita Margarita) and my father is "Caspur" (Ch. Pegavi Young Tiki) .

I was the "top Girl" in the first Funicats litter from the Hiller household. Like many girls, I am quite a "tomboy". I love playing in the garden, chasing the "oldies", climbing up onto anything and generally just having a good time! Oh, and I'm very good at 'Hide & Seek', especially at bed time!

As for boys, well there have been a few but nothing serious came of it - I was just having too much fun to be a mum. My humans took me to be 'Fixed', so no more kitties for me!

Ilike Xmas!

...All this play is thirsty work!

Who said that?!

This should just about do it...

...I've got to floss my teeth!

This wet stuff is funny!

I like doing puzzles with Mum!

This is me with my Mum (Chiqui).

Dad's PC monitor is nice and warm!


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